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Welcome to FullPOS APP

FullPOS is the most complete and best application of all time. With just one application, you can provide 4 different types of POS.

FullPOS has 4 Types of Business which are separated based on their Functions and features, you can enable all types of POS or only use one type of POS through the settings on the backend

General POS:
when the user selects General POS, general POS features will appear in the application, General POS Has the features in Platinum POS Click for detail. this type is suitable for business:

  • Wholesale Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • grocery stalls
  • and non-service store



Culinary POS:
when the user selects Culinary POS, special POS features for culinary businesses will appear in the application, Culinary POS Has the features in GoResto POS with Move Table, Join Table, done serve Click for detail. this type is suitable for businesses:

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • food and beverage shops
  • Food Court
  • and other culinary business



Service products POS:
when the user selects Service products POS, the special POS features for the Service business will appear in the application, POS service products Have features such as:

  • Job management system for assigned Employees
  • Order status with such as Process, Pending and Finish, paid of.
  • The customer can track the status of his order via the URL given specifically after the transaction.
this type is suitable for businesses:
  • Salon
  • laundry
  • rental
  • repair services
  • and other services business



Healthcare POS:
when the user selects Healthcare POS, special POS features for health businesses will appear in the application, POS service products Have features such as:

  • Make Prescriptions for Patients.
  • Drug Label Printing.
  • Medical Record Features.
  • New Patient Registration Link.
this type is suitable for businesses:
  • Hospitals
  • health clinics
  • pharmacies
  • and other health services



By purchasing this script, you can become a new entrepreneur who provides the most complete Point of sale application for users in your country

by purchasing the FullPOS, you will get:

  • Android Source Code.
  • Rest Api with php and mysqli.
  • Premium Online Order Script and screen Order and url tracking order for customer.
  • Listing Store (Marketplace) Script.
  • Backend.
  • Web user Panel to manage a business other than using the application.
  • Landing Page, to make your business easier.
  • documentation.


FullPOS is a Point of sales application with the most complete and best features. with an application size that is small and light but has complete and sophisticated features

You can have an application with features that other applications don't have. This application is equipped with expense features, barcode scanning, Bluetooth printing, attendance features, payroll features, Offline Feature and other features.

In addition, this application is equipped with a complete and integrated system of accounts payable, debt repayment and financial reports.

with this application you can find out where employees work, where to sell and where they are in realtime attendance

This system is equipped with a master admin to manage all features, sales to manage sales and admin to help master managing products and so on, all can be done on a smartphone that has this application installed

in the application there is an online store management menu, users can change the color of their online store and change any information from the application

Users who use this application can have a sophisticated automated online shop, where orders will go directly to the online shop owner's WhatsApp

by having this script, you can change the splash icon, logo or appearance and color you want easily and quickly

Main Features:

  • Tracking Order with link or scan
  • Transfer Stock
  • Stock Opname
  • Tracking Stock
  • Sales Return
  • Offline Feature with signal Online or Offline
  • Manage Order
  • Shift feature that can be activated or not by the user
  • QR Code feature to share with customers
  • subscription system that can be managed on the backend
  • when the subscription period is over, it will automatically return to basic member member
  • Manage multiple Store.
  • Manage multiple Branch.
  • Manage Online Store (add manage products to display in online stores or just for POS purposes only).
  • manage products to display in online stores or just for POS purposes only.
  • available master, sales and admin with different features.
  • managing employee positions.
  • managing customer and supplier debts
  • manage employee salaries and attendance
  • Create customers and suppliers.
  • Create product information with image.
  • Edit product information
  • Print receipt by POS printer
  • Share receipt to customers via social media
  • Add product using Barcode code
  • Product stock management system
  • Product Stock count
  • Product by category
  • Search product using QR and Barcode
  • Point of sales system with cart.
  • Create expense list.
  • Add/Edit product category
  • Add/Edit payment method
  • Attractive User Interface.
  • Product based Tax and discount system
  • You can add a service fee as well
  • Android 10 compatible
  • Programmed in Android Studio IDE
  • Development language is Java and kotlin
  • Enhanced documentation.
  • Admob support.
  • Multi Language.
  • online chat feature to serve users with FREE freshchat
  • point system for customer membership.



Demo Apk:

Login Demo
General POS
Phone: 081234567890
Password: 123456

Culinary POS
Phone: 081234567891
Password: 123456

Service products POS
Phone: 081234567892
Password: 123456

Healtcare POS
Phone: 081234567893
Password: 123456

NEW Demo Landing Page:
Open Demo Landing Page

Demo Listing Store (MarketPlace):
Open Demo Listing Store (MarketPlace)

Demo Web User:
Please open the following link
use login demo account

Demo Backend:
Please open the following link
User: admin
Password: 123456

Demo Online Order:
Please open the following link
Open it on the computer screen To Order Screen and place it in the kitchen or behind the cashier

premium: $320 $200 (Support 1 years, Update script via Email, Free standart custom such as adding GST tax, CGST (India only), changing your country's currency model, adding language, changing design minor, adding payment gateway)

I accept payment by paypal, payoneer, skrill or USDT (Untuk Warga Indonesia, bisa via transfer Bank)

For help, change and add features and others, please use the contact us via email:

v1.0.1 - April 20, 2022
- Profit and Loss Per Product Report;
v1.0.1 - April 01, 2022
- Role Management System added;
v1.0.1 - February 04, 2022
- Listing Store (Marketplace) added;
v1.0.0 - January 29, 2022
- First Release;

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