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These are additional features that you may need to complete your POS application.

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  1. Profit and loss feature per product. Fee 50$
  2. Complete attendance feature with monthly report card (more pro than now). Fee 70$
  3. Chat feature with own server for chat between employees and chat support as a replacement for firebase. Fee 60$
  4. The sales location check feature is for companies that use a field sales system. Fee 75$
  5. Employee id card feature, you don't need to design an id card, you only need to print it as needed. Fee 30$
  6. Online store with the latest design, we offer 3 premium online store design packages, users can change their online store designs from the userpanel. Fee 60$
  7. Push notifications to users every time an order comes in from an online store. Fee 70$
  8. Role managemen sistem (master account can give access menu to staff) Fee 60$
  9. Expenditure features with categories, upload receipt and more complete Fee 50$
  10. Stock Opname feature with additional reasons for changes. Fee 30$
  11. feature to manage raw materials. very useful for restaurant or other business. you can check your remaining raw materials more accurately Fee 75$
  12. Scan Order via table with order link Fee 75$
  13. Package product settings. Users can create product packages and sell products in packages . Stock automatically changes when there is an order. Fee 85$
  14. tablet Version Fee 100$
  15. Pre order featured Fee 55$
  16. cash flow featured with chart Fee 75$
  17. New Userpanel and Backecend Fee 70$ link Product
  18. Income feature, With this feature, you can manage business income that is integrated with the flowcash feature Fee 50$
  19. Monthly Transaction Report feature in Chart view Fee 65$
  20. Add on (Features to add items to ordered products, for example adding toppings and others) Fee 65$
  21. Variant Price, for grocery stores... now you can create multiple prices in one product. Fee 75$

You can order all the features or only some of the features you need. The price is listed on each feature. for ordering all features the price is cheaper


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